About SIRIM Tech Venture Sdn Bhd

SIRIM Tech Venture Sdn Bhd (STV) is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of SIRIM Berhad and was established in 2014. We are a special vehicle to drive commercialisation of promising innovations from a broad range of technology sectors.

Commercialisation Services
Commercialisation is the process of transforming ideas, knowledge and inventions into greater wealth for individuals, businesses or society at large. Mainly focusing on SIR technology which are driven by market and profit motives, with potential partners seeking to gain a positive return on investment in research, licensing, product development through the competitive niche market. STV is focusing on technology commercialisation as the nature of business.

Technology Transfer
Technological intellectual property, developed and generated to another party through legal means such as technology licensing or franchising. STV to convert scientific and technological advances into marketable goods or services.

Fabrication and Testing Services
STV is offering the fabrication and testing services, which focusing on the filament winding technology.

Project Management
STV is engaging project via Government Funding through the government agencies on the R&D activities.

Our Vision

To Be The Prominent Commercialisation Vehicle of Business Innovation

Our Mission

To Commercialise Technology Innovation Into Sustainable Business

STV Business Model


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The biggest threat to innovation is internal politics and an organizational culture, which doesn’t accept failure and/or doesn’t accept ideas from outside, and/or cannot change


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