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Accelerating Business Commercialisation

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TECH Ecosystem

STV has established Technology Enterprise and Commercialisation Hub or TECH Ecosystem by encompassing all activities required towards technology commercialisation and this is as holistic framework towards addressing client’s needs for commercialisation. STV is adapting TRL as a methodology of verifying technology maturity along the technology development value chain. TRL 1 to 3 is normally also known as Knowledge Development, commonly known as Fundamental Research; TRL 4 to 7 is normally known as Technology Development and TRL 8 to 9 is normally known as Business Development, commonly known as a process converting into business (full commercialisation).

Technology from external will be pre-screened and assessed its TRL before it can be qualified into the PRE-TECHNOLOGY DOCKET. STV will assist in connecting with SIRIM Industrial Research and/or external parties to ramp up technology maturity into higher TRLs. All confirmed technologies of TRL 6 above that had undergone technology assessment and verification, will be put into a virtual briefcase called JOINT TECH DOCKET. Various activities (in blue arrows) such as IP Intelligence Solutions, Technology Assessment, Market Feasibility Study, Techno-economic Feasibility Study, Market Validation and Technology Valuation will be conducted.

Technology transfer process and technology training will be implemented for the technology taker team, meanwhile industry needs-matching to ascertain the needs compared to available technology that is ready to be commercialised is also performed, where capacity building in technology commercialisation is value added activities can be delivered upon request. Eventually, technology taker will sign an agreement (e.g. technology licensing, outright, strategic alliance, joint venture, market trial program etc). STV advises client and assist in business financing to meet their manufacturing or business expansion requirement.