References on Commercialisation

SIRIM 34:2020. Guidelines for Technology Commercialisation

This standard provides guidelines for the implementation of technology commercialisation and is applicable to all public and private organisations regardless of sector, size or type towards implementing technology commercialisation practices.

SIRIM 8: 2016. Guidance Towards Becoming An Innovative Organisation

This standard was developed with the following objectives: a) to provide understanding on the concepts and principles of innovation; andb) to provide guidance to organisations to become an innovative organisation.

SIRIM 14:2017. Implementing Innovation – A Stepwise Approach

This standard was developed with the aim of defining a step-by-step guidance in the planning, establishing, implementing and monitoring of innovation projects in any types of organisation, regardless of its size.
The TRL Scale as a Research and Innovation Policy Tool, EARTO Recommendations, 2014

ISO 56003 : 2019. Innovation Management : Tools and Methods for Innovation Partnership – Guidance

This document provides guidance to an organisation for the establishment of an innovation partnerships to create value for each partner working together. It describes the innovation framework partnership, its related tools and provides recommendations for engaging in external partnerships to realize innovation.

ISO/TR 56004 : 2019. Innovation Management Assessment – Guidance

This document provides guidance to an organisation the fundamentals for considering an Innovation Management Assessment (IMA), what to assess and provides the foundation for carrying out such a process.

ISO 56000 : 2020. Innovation Management – Fundamentals and Vocabulary

This document helps the user to understand the main terms, definitions, concepts and principles of innovation management and provide support for an organization to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve an innovation management system.

ISO 56002 : 2019. Innovation Management : Innovation Management System – Guidance

This document provides guidance to an organisation for the development, implementation and maintenance of an innovation management system.

ISO 11439, Gas cylinders — High Pressure Cylinders For The On-board Storage Of Natural Gas As A Fuel For Automotive Vehicles

Oslo Manual 2018. Guidelines for Collecting, Reporting and Using Data on Innovation, 4th Edition

BS EN 14427, LPG Equipment And Accessories. Transportable Refillable Fully Wrapped Composite Cylinders For LPG. Design And Construction