Tech Ecosystem


Work in Progress

STV has established Technology Enterprise and Commercialisation Hub or TECH Ecosystem by encompassing all activities required towards technology commercialisation and this is as holistic framework towards addressing client’s needs for commercialisation, where our campaign ‘Connect, Collaborate and Co-Create’ applies.​

STV is adapting TRL as a methodology of verifying technology maturity along the technology development value chain.​

TRL1 – 3 is normally also known as Knowledge Development, commonly comes from Institutes of Higher Learnings (Fundamental Research)​

TRL 4 – 7 is normally known as Technology Development, commonly come from Research Institutes, Industries & Others (Apply Research)​

TRL 8 – 9 is normally known as Business Development, commonly as a process converting into business (Full Commercialisation)​

This is part of 10 years strategic plan of SIRIM to increase/uplift the commercialisation rate for Malaysia’s innovation.​
Being an agency under MITI, STV focuses on TRL 6 and above until the technology enter the market, which is addressed by all activities in the dotted line area​.

Technology from IHLs, RI, Industry will be pre-screened and assessed its TRL before it can be qualified into our PRE-TECH DOCKET.​

When the technology maturity is between TRL4 – 5, then CO-CREATION Route is chosen and STV will assist in connecting with SIRIM IR and/or external parties to ramp up technology maturity into higher TRLs. ​

We are promoting joint technology development so that the technology can reach higher TRL faster. Since it is a CO-CREATION route, if there is any foreground IP generated, it has to be mutually agreed to proceed. Ultimately, the technology will undergo the process as per in Part 3.​

Part 3 (in dotted line, upper part, blue lines):​

The sources of technology/innovation will be processed by STV and opting for either Collaboration Route or Co-creation Route.​

All confirmed technologies of TRL6 above that had undergone technology assessment and verification, will be put into a virtual briefcase called JOINT TECH DOCKET. This is through COLLABORATION route.​

Our main services represented by activities in blue arrow, covers technology assessment, market validation and technology valuation. These are chargeable activities that depends on the scopes.​

We have certified patent valuation analyst in STV that are able to conduct technology valuation for the clients.​
Meanwhile, business linkages activity will be conducted upon request or depends on the technology needs.​

Eventually, technology taker will sign an agreement (e.g. TLA, outright, strategic alliance, joint venture etc) and one-off token to be paid to STV to reflect our contributions to the initiative.​
These are to reflect of all possible commercialisation model.​

Part 4 (in dotted line, bottom part):​

STV also conducted industry needs-matching to ascertain their need compared to available technology that is ready to be commercialised.​
Capacity building programme is value adding programme that we offer to client. This is customised 3-day program that also contain business pitching module.​
In addition to that, STV advise client and assist in business financing to meet their manufacturing or business expansion requirement.​

We would like to connect, collaborate and co-create with our partners to create economic benefits for our businesses and the country.​

Let’s be our partners..!​