Dermatocide Botanical Antifungal Cream


This cream is our product containing natural plant Extract from Rambutan rind and sunflower seed oil. It can nourish, moisture skin and strengthen the nails.

It is also a natural based antifungal inhibitor cream with the standardization, purification, isolation and multi antifungal activity


  • Helps to protect and to moisture the skin and nails
  • Nontoxic
    Does not irritate the eyes and the skin
  • Helps to protect and to treat the skin from variety of fungal infections.
  • 100% natural based active ingredient
  • Suitable for all skin types

Unique Selling Points / Product Differentiation:

The technology package includes:

  • Technology transfer
  • Advisory on product registration
  • Advisory on packaging design and development
  • GMP-facilities for small scale production
  • Market access program

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